Above: Poder in action stickers, which you can sometimes see downtown.

As a politically active artist in Phoenix I would like to give a humble shoutout to Poder in Action, a local organization focused on grassroots community empowerment.  They have an awesome sticker campaign, which Phoenix could always use more of.  I’m putting a few links to informative brochures they’ve produced below.

II have had many persons, artists and non-artits, suggest that its important to not make political statements to keep one’s audience broad.  My response is that, by not making a statement, you are making a statement, and that statement is complicity and acceptance of blatant problems you see in the world.  Police violence is an example of such problems, and it unequally affects many of the most vulnerable.  I love what this group is doing and wish there were more of them.

You can support them by donating.  Here is their website:  https://www.poderinaction.org/

Here is a link to their instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/poderinaction/

Their instagram is great because it has a lot of informative posts about how to protect yourself and use your legal rights within the current corrupt systems.

Here is a link to one of their informational brochures in Spanish and English.

Above:  The racist trashcan Donald Trump, illegitimate “president” and all-time loser.